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Mobile Productivity Page of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Mobile Web Site

The three major headings provided on this Mobile Web page are listed below:

NOTE: Relevant hyperlinks are included within the associated paragraphs to make your browsing session productive and all the more enjoyable.

What Scsi does best -- Productivity and Knowledge Transfer

Scsi's forte is productivity and knowledge transfer. You will see that manifested throughout this Mobile Web site, although much of what you'll notice as content on this Mobile Web site does concentrate on discussions of Web site validation and testing, achieving 100% accessibility, and so on. Why was that done?

Proof of Productivity Expertise -- By Example

Here is the answer. The underlying challenges behind those topics were tackled and solved by Scsi's President, Raymond Sonoff, who independently evolved Scsi's "Perfect 10" Mobile Web Site Standard -- a set of ten seamlessly integrated Mobile Web Best Practices that every truly "World Class Level" Mobile Web Site should have.

To see the overall picture of what is stated above, select the image immediately below -- if present -- to view or download a full-page Adobe PDF diagram that provides hyperlinks to each of Scsi's "Perfect 10" Mobile Web Site Best Practices for your convenience.

Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practices diagram

Examples of Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practices

Here are just three specific Best Practices that are easily demonstrable for each and every Web page within the subdomain:

How Scsi's set of Best Practices led to Scsi's "Perfect 10" Mobile Web Site Standard

Looked at in this light, you'll soon realize and more fully appreciate the fact that all of Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practices for Mobile Web site pages began as a set of well-defined and highly specific productivity-driven objectives. Now that these objectives have come to fruition, they are collectively referred to as Scsi's "Perfect 10" Mobile Web Site Standard which unceasingly illustrates that "We are productivity driven."

Focusing on Productivity

If you are interested is finding out more about Scsi's Productivity Focus diagram within the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site, visit Scsi's Focusing on Productivity page.

Eight Major Categories of Productivity

The major categories of productivity addressed on the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site include the following:

Additional Categories of Productivity

As an ongoing supplement, however, the following categories are presently included on this Scsi Mobile Productivity Web page:

PC-based Software

The vast majority of "Productivity Tools" coverage on this Mobile Web site will tend to focus on software for personal computers (PCs). A sampling of such software programs is presented below.

Office Productivity Suites

Only two specific vendors' products are currently listed here.

Idea Outliners, Thought Processors, and Visual Thinking Tools

At this time, only two specific vendors' products are addressed here.


ActionOutline (Version 3.4 as of Dec. 2012) is a shareware product from Green Parrots Software on whose Web site is the following tag line: "Make your life easier, work more efficiently, boost your productivity with our powerful, easy to use software products."

In particular, the vendor states: "With ActionOutline, you can create and manage to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers, etc. It includes an Explorer-like interface, the ability to link to web or local files, and much more..."

Inspiration Software

The Inspiration Software, Inc. is described on their Web site as being "The Visual Thinking Tool" -- The premier tool to develop ideas and organize thinking -- and they offer numerous templates and unique features, including a complete outline processor for organizing and writing.

Graphics Packages

At this time, only two specific vendor's products are cited under this particular category.


Scsi makes extensive use of SmartDraw's business graphics software called SmartDraw for increasing one's graphics-based productivity.

This decision was based on numerous outstanding features, a few of which are listed below for a much earlier version called SmartDraw 2010:

Scsi recommends that you seriously consider adding this versatile and cost-effective software to your company's working set of productivity tools.

NOTE: As just one example of making effective use of the SmartDraw Suite (2010 Edition) software, Scsi encourages you to examine Scsi's Productivity Focus diagram that is cited in Scsi's Mobile WebKiSS™ Guide #9: How Productivity-focused is your Mobile Web Site?

Microsoft Office Visio

Visio evolved over several generations and Microsoft Office Visio is now a Microsoft-owned graphics tool that is ubiquitous in the PC industry.

Scsi can vouch for this wonderful graphics tool, having made use of it on a regular basis beginning in 1995 and up to the present day. Microsoft Office Visio is a wonderful software product that pays for itself many times over. Try it. You will be glad you did.

NOTE: Even if you do not own or plan to purchase this product, you should also be aware that there is a Microsoft Visio Viewer -- which you can download for free from the download section of the Web site. This view-only tool, according to Microsoft's write-up, "allows anyone to view Visio drawings and diagrams (if created with Visio 5, 2000, 2002, or 2003) inside their Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later Web browser."

PC-based Hardware

A few examples of productivity-increasing devices that everyone should consider using include the following:

Methods and Techniques

Scsi regularly makes use of the following:

Getting Organized and Time Management References

It's always a good idea to take some time to prepare yourself for whatever lies ahead, and we usually give particular thought at such times to the matter of getting organized coupled with deciding how we should best make use of our available time for any given task, activity, or project.

Oftentimes, one of the best ways to approach overall preparedness for any category of task is through learning from what others have done before, particularly through reading of their published works. Here is a sampling of Recommended Reading, which also includes some Web site hyperlinks that you might wish to consider visiting.

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