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Telephone (859) 261-5908 to immediately reach Raymond Sonoff, President of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc., 271 Saxony Drive, Crestview Hills, KY 41017-2294 USA.

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Mobile About Scsi: Profile Page for Raymond Sonoff, President of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.


Challenging project-based consulting assignments that

  1. will contribute -- in a timely, and cost-effective manner -- toward enhancement, development, and dissemination of a client's products, services, processes, and procedures, and
  2. will prove to clearly exhibit high return-on-investment numbers -- so much so that clients will automatically continue to find additional ways to retain Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. to achieve continuous productivity-focused improvements within their companies.

Description of Ideal Clients

Any and all companies that are in need of finding "needle-in-the-haystack" expertise that will provide them with timely, cost-effective answers and comprehensive solutions to their technical problems -- be they in software, hardware, productivity, processes, or procedures -- closely coupled with generating and providing all associated documentation (manuals, reports, Web content, etc.), and knowledge transfer activities, including productivity-focused Web site training sessions that can be one-on-one, within small groups or teams, or corporate-wide -- according to each client's particular needs or requirements.

Summary of Skills

PC Productivity Analyst (19 years) with mastery of various PC-based software tools coupled with demonstrated excellence in producing extensive technical documentation (22 years) for numerous clients, in addition to verbal communications skills exhibited during various Tier 2 Help Support-related activities (6 years).

Proven Web Content Developer/Tester (5 years), Systems and Applications Tester (7 years), and Documentation Specialist (22 years) with hands-on experience in many diverse areas, including telecommunications, Internet/Intranet Web sites, personal computers, industrial controls, and instrumentation systems.

Innate abilities and aptitudes are integrated with acquired skill sets to:

Areas of Technical Expertise

Web Site-related Knowledge: World Class Level Mobile Web Best Practices, Assessments, Validation Testing to W3C Standards, and Web Site Testing and Training Services.

Documentation: Internal; External; From high-level (end user) down to esoteric specifics (for programmers, technicians, etc.) -- We've likely been there, done that, and can deliver cost-effective solutions that address your company's specific needs and requirements.

Software and Mobile Productivity: Microsoft Office Suite 2003, Lotus Notes, Adobe Acrobat (Professional 7.0), Adobe FrameMaker (Version 5.x), SmartDraw 7 and SmartDraw 2007, Visio (Technical 5, Microsoft Visio 2002 and 2003), RoboHelp and Doc2Help authoring tools, Macromedia Dreamweaver, WebEx and eRoom interactive meeting and document repository tools, and countless PC productivity programs and utilities.

Hardware: Personal Computers, Computer Peripherals, Embedded Systems, Industrial Controls, Digital and Analog Test Equipment.

Firmware: Field-Programmable Devices --- PROMs, EPROMs, FPLAs, and FPGAs.

Background Information and Philosophy

An everyday working philosophy is always to provide the best possible service to every client, seeking a "win-win" outcome for all parties concerned.

Client assignments have proven successful primarily because we follow a logical, pragmatic, and well-defined engineering approach in all situations.

Our talents and skill sets focus on problem solving -- given or after establishing the underlying specifics of a situation -- to reach a timely and cost-effective solution for a given client.

Noteworthy "Points of Attraction"

Most Recent Employment History

** Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. Crestview Hills, KY **

Technical Projects for Clients - President 06/1985 to present

Incorporated in June 1985, Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. [Scsi] now also actively supports its on-going and prospective clients through both the Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Web site which was created in May 2002 and Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Mobile Web site created in September 2006.

Notably, the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site is the first "World Class level" Mobile Web site that offers by its very design 100% accessibility to all visitors. Through the medium of the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site itself, Scsi provides a significant amount of valuable information in the following critically important areas: Web usability, Web accessibility, validation testing, and related Web site assessments and consulting services available to its clients.

Noteworthy is the fact that the "Perfect 10" set of Mobile Web Best Practices were not only first implemented and introduced by Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. on Scsi's Mobile Web site, but the underlying principles for achieving 100% accessibility are openly stated, described in detail for all to appreciate, and are also easily demonstrable.

So, in addition to containing detailed information dealing with that area of expertise, the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site serves as a wholly free conduit available 24x7 for various categories of Mobile Productivity- and Knowledge Transfer-related information, as well as a valuable source of numerous other nuggets of information that Scsi disseminates freely via the Internet.

** Verizon Communications, White Plains, NY **

Documentation - Consultant 04/2003 - 05/2006

Created documents and associated diagrams for more than half a dozen different projects, interfacing with Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and other groups' personnel to obtain needed information.

E-Learning Project - Consultant 01/2001 - 04/2002

Collaborated in the design, development, and testing of several Web-based training courses. This required creation of course content, document generation (functional requirements specifications, testing checklists, summaries and worksheets during and after various phases of development - storyboard review, alpha review, beta review, pre-production, and final release to production), and included execution of extensive manual testing, bug reporting, and re-testing for each phase.

TESS Project - Consultant 04/1999 - 12/2000

Created and/or edited the TESS project documentation, including regular meeting notes and presentation graphics.

Maintained an eRoom Technology-based alternative repository for all documentation for the Verizon Trouble Entry System Solution (TESS) team. This repository provided an alternative means for archiving documents, while allowing non-Verizon personnel to contribute documents, such as specifications, references, outside meeting notes for sharing with other members of the same eRoom.

Maintained a Lotus Notes-based repository for all documentation for the Verizon Trouble Entry System Solution (TESS) team. This Lotus Notes Version 4.6 Release repository provided a way to maintain documents related to Trouble Entry, Trouble Checking and Review, Transfer, and Report Generation.

NEWS Project - Consultant 06/1997 - 03/1999

Created all testing-related documents and performed manual testing of each NEWS-related program. Among the software programs tested were Redline, Resource Management Allocation, Drafting Queue Control, and Print Shop.

Served as a Tier 2 interface/hub contact between several types of applications users and Tier 3 development team personnel to resolve whatever problems that arose associated with such complex software that involved programmers with extensive expertise in Visual BASIC, C++, Oracle and Microsoft Access databases, as well as coordinating with numerous third-party graphic software programs, including Myriad, AutoCAD, and EditCAD.

Actively participated in resolving corrupted drawing files stored on multiple Oracle database servers. Among the types of problems diagnosed were the detection and repair of drawing templates having bad cyclic redundancy checksums (CRCs) which prevented drafters from being able to initiate AutoCAD-based software for processing of submitted 'redlined' drawings. Use of Oracle SQL Plus-based statements along with PC-based hexadecimal viewer/editors to view the underlying file structures of AutoCAD Release 12 Drawing Formats (*.DWG) proved essential tools for rectifying such error-generating conditions.

Maintained a Lotus Notes-based repository for all Help support for the Verizon Network Engineering Work Station (NEWS) team. This Lotus Notes Version 4.6 Release repository provided NEWS users (field installation personnel, drafting resource managers, and drafting personnel) to submit problems related to the particular software programs involved.

Selective Call Messaging/Private Reach Projects - Consultant 07/1995 - 05/1997

Generated complete sets of documentation for entire system. Both Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word software packages, along with Visio-based engineering graphics, were used.

Interfaced with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to gather information necessary to be able to produce system requirements specifications, detailed design specifications, and installation (input/output and error messages), maintenance, and craft access manuals.

Examples Of Work Performed For Clients

** Verizon Communications' Wholesale Web-based Training Applications **

1. Access the Verizon Wholesale Home page.

2. Once there, select the Local Service Providers graphic to reach the Local Service Providers Home page.

3. Next, select the hyperlinked "Training and Education" graphic to reach the Training page.

4. Once on that page, scroll down to the "Web Based Training Applications" heading.

5. From among those hyperlinks located immediately below this heading, select whichever one is of particular interest to you.

6. Select the starting hyperlink for the desired Web-based training course that you wish to examine and follow the instructions.

** Hitachi America, Ltd.'s Application Manual for Integrated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Modules **

NOTE: You may choose to examine the IGBT module applications manual that is stored on the "Scsi P&KT" Mobile Web site itself. However, you should note that this document is provided as a "view-only" version PDF file.

** Programming Languages-related Documentation Activities **

Created both C++ and Visual Basic Application Programming Interface (API) documents (both hardcopy and Windows online versions) to assist client's (third-party) software developers to produce on-line service applications which operate under their system's services.

Generated "Chat" internal documentation, test scenarios, and test scripts which contributed to a successful launch of a client's Chat service in the marketplace.

Documented UNIX-based "C" language and created a "P-code" (an in-house proprietary language) set of documents that are used for training system programmers in the telemarketing industry.

Created all internal documentation for a client's Common Object-Oriented Compiler (COOL) proprietary C++-like programmer's tool.

Produced several hundred pages of documentation, including visual aids such as flowcharts, organization charts, and dataflow diagrams, for describing operations associated with an OS/2-based PC-to-Mainframe Common Front End System for a major insurance industry company. Activities included coordination among programmers, managers, analysts, and in-house testers. Documentation ranged from discussions of specific functions within C and assembly language programs to procedures for off-line database entry and error log handling.

** Other Examples Of Documents Created For Clients **

Created a self-contained 400-page Government Property Control Manual, which addressed twelve specific categories (e.g., Acquisition, Receiving, Records, Consumption, etc. through Disposition and Contract Completion) in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) specifications required by the Department of Defense.

Generated an X-ray System Operational Procedures and Maintenance manual, written according to military (Air Force) documentation specifications MIL-M-38798B and MIL-M-38784B, among others.

Created installation, operator, and end-user manuals for several clients whose products address telecommunication, office automation, word processing, and other microprocessor-based systems applications.

Provided technical writing services to clients whose products involved both analog and digital components, plus microprocessor-based systems.

Produced a detailed report of "worst-case" electronic circuit analysis of a 150+ component 3-phase motor controller board for a Fortune 1000 company. From this activity, client realized many cost-saving benefits, including detection of a required printed circuit board layout change and circuit design rework before commitment to final production phase.


** Cornell University, Ithaca, NY **

ABD, Materials Science & Engineering

** Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering

** University of Akron, Akron, Ohio **

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

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Contact Information: Raymond Sonoff, President of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc., 271 Saxony Drive, Crestview Hills, KY 41017-2294 USA: Telephone: (859) 261-5908.