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Telephone (859) 261-5908 to immediately reach Raymond Sonoff, President of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc., 271 Saxony Drive, Crestview Hills, KY 41017-2294 USA.

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Mobile About Scsi Page of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Productivity and Knowledge Mobile Web Site

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Part 1: About Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.

Part 1 has the following sub-sections:

Examples of Areas of Consulting Expertise

Since its incorporation in 1985, Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. has provided its clients with numerous professional consulting services, a few of which are listed below:

Qualifications and Experience

Do you want to know more about the qualifications and experience of Raymond Sonoff, President of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.? If so, select profile to view an online summary.

Need help and need professional assistance? Contact Scsi!

If so, then we encourage you to get in touch with Scsi either by e-mail -- envelope e-mail to Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc., by regular mail, or by phone now.

Do any of these scenarios fit your specific problem-solving assistance?

You might choose to contact us just to ask some initial questions based on one of the following scenarios that might be applicable at that point in time:

Nothing ventured ... nothing gained

Who knows? Upon discussing the background behind that special problem situation that's had you stymied for awhile and outlining what you need accomplished, Scsi may be able to help you resolve it in short order. In any case, we do welcome the opportunity to help you.

Taking any one of these action steps will definitely serve you well toward initiating proactive discussions as to the "how, when, and what" phases of involvement regarding how Scsi may be able to help you and your company in addressing such matters.

Part 2: About the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web Site

Part 2 has the following sub-sections:

What this Mobile Web site is all about: "Freely giving to eventually get!"

Free is good ...

As part of focusing on providing each and every visitor to the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site with meaningful content, this Mobile Web site currently is and will remain ad-free, animation-free, music-free, and plugin-free -- on each and every Web page contained within the domain.

Stated another way, everything presented on this Mobile Web site is and will always be provided without cost or obligation at any time, period!

What does Scsi get out of providing you with a "no cost or obligation" Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Web site?

Quite frankly, Scsi wants this Mobile Web site to serve as its 'International e-business calling card' for "round-the-clock accessibilility" via Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site's achievement of a first-pass solution for Ubiquitous Web Access -- thereby serving untiringly to let each mobile Web visitor know that helping others to solve their day-to-day productivity- and knowledge transfer-related problems is what Scsi does best and always keeps uppermost in mind.

Scsi's Business Philosophy

Scsi firmly believes that responding promptly to others' requests for professional assistance -- coupled with providing informative and useful Web-based information on a regular basis -- is a winning combination for establishing long-term "win-win" business relationships with others.

As was stated earlier, you should consider this Mobile Web site as Scsi's electronic business card, brochure, and presentation forum. If you like what you find here, you'll return often and you'll probably tell your friends, colleagues, and associates about all the good stuff that you've come across each time you visit. That is as it should be, of course.

When Help Is What You Realize You Need -- Ask Scsi!

However, eventually every one of us at some time or another asks the following question:

"Who has the time, requisite knowledge, tools, and expertise necessary to be able to quickly and cost-effectively solve one or more of my company's technical problems?"

Perhaps upon your recalling any one or more of the productivity and knowledge transfer-related tips or sets of information that you've learned about while perusing this Mobile Web site, you will confidently conclude that you now truly know where to go for assistance and state, "I know, I'll ask Scsi!"

Have fun while learning ...

So, feel free to browse or search for whatever interests you anywhere within the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site. If you should happen to find one or more things that help you out in some way, then the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site will have provided an immediately useful service to you.


Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. designed and created the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site with the express purpose of providing its visitors with timely, accurate, and reliable productivity-related information that will always be tightly coupled with ongoing opportunities to:

The nature of such productivity-related information might, for example, involve any combination of the following:

At Scsi's Mobile Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Web site you should regularly expect to pick up one or more nuggets of information of particular use to you.

Content Coverage

As part of providing clients with "what Scsi does best" at all times, the contents of the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site will always focus on providing meaningful productivity- and knowledge transfer-related information to everyone who visits the Web site.

Please go ahead and explore, browsing through and among the ever-growing-in-number Web pages for whatever interests you.

For example, you may want to:

And, if you should ever reach a point where you decide that the particular information you are looking for just isn't addressed by Scsi, let us know. Just select the Contact Us hyperlink from wherever you are within the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site to let us know that fact. Our office telephone number for our Crestview Hills, KY office is (859) 261-5908. Call us, and we'll do whatever we can to provide answers to your questions.

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Contact Information: Raymond Sonoff, President of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc., 271 Saxony Drive, Crestview Hills, KY 41017-2294 USA: Telephone: (859) 261-5908.