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Scsi's "Perfect 10" Mobile Web Standard - Best Practice #1: Every Mobile Web page is fast loading.

For your convenience, the four major headings provided on this Mobile Web page are listed immediately below:

NOTE: Relevant hyperlinks are included within the associated paragraphs to make your browsing session productive and all the more enjoyable.

100% pure "plain vanilla" Hypertext Markup Language - the foundation for every Mobile Web page within the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site

Speed is king, and we all want our pages to display as quickly as possible. The Best Practice of fast-loading pages is a given that Scsi addressed by scrupulously adhering to using only 100% "plain vanilla" Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) source code statements (for everything other than graphics images, of course) on each and every Mobile Web page. In short, this deliberate design restriction to avoid all fluff or glitz-oriented approaches is a major contributor for why fast-loading Web pages will always be found to occur throughout the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site.

How would adoption of pure HTML-only source code yield this particular high-speed-of-loading benefit? Simple. No Web page on this site is ever burdened (read: saddled, committed to, dependent upon, or whatever else you'd care to call it) with unnecessary overhead - something which is ever so pervasive within all too many other Mobile Web site's pages. Need some examples? Please read on.

Because nothing is fancy about using plain Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) source coding, the medium does not get in the way of the objective, namely: communication of useful information to all visitors independent of whatever particular browser tool or technology that is employed to access the "Scsi P&KT" Mobile Web site. And, isn't that the best of all reasons to satisfy?

After all, if you couldn't get to this page quickly, reliably, and with any browser tool, Scsi would not experience the good fortune of even having you here reading this very statement. Makes genuine sense, doesn't it, to always strive to follow a "KISS" - Keep It Simple, Sonoff - approach toward maximizing communications effectiveness?

Why the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site does not currently employ Scripting Languages

Slower-Loading Pages are always part of the price to pay

What are some implications for those Mobile Web sites that make use of Javascript, ActiveX, Flash, animation, pop-up or pop-under ads, or various other programming extensions. For one thing, these are all embedded or hidden active-coding methods that can each become significant contributors to slow-loading pages, just because they themselves need to be loaded or at least accessed as part of the overall Mobile Web page's content or processing. That's one very good reason not to use them. Perhaps an even more important reason that you should know about is detailed in the next paragraph.

Virus- or worm-bearing consequences may also be part of the price to pay - Watch Out, my Friend!

If you access Web pages that make use of embedded scripting procedures and methods - using either client-side scripting languages (JavaScript and VBScript are two examples) or server-side scripting languages (Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Practical Extraction and Report Language (PERL), and HyperText Preprocessor (PHP) are examples) - within the HTML source code, you can unknowingly be subjected to either virus- or worm-prone "vulnerability factors" such as Spyware, Adware, various popup windows, and so on.

Now that you know these facts, it should come as no surprise that what seemed to "come out of nowhere" may well have been caused by just such active-coding-based methods having been applied on those other Mobile Web sites - sites which do not adhere to Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practice #1 of Fast Loading that always makes use of 100% pure "plain vanilla" source code statements.

If and when the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site ever does offer some Scripting Language-based Web Pages, you will be informed of that fact on each such Web page.

So, for these and other reasons, none of these active-coding methods or techniques is currently employed anywhere within the underlying source code for any Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site page.

NOTE: If this position were ever to be changed, Scsi can assure you that appropriate statements to that effect would always be provided to minimize the likelihood of your making a Web page selection, form-based entry (for example, to run a server-side-based STCEW Tool automated scoring of a given specified-by-you Web page address - won't that be something to look forward to using? Stay tuned.), or whatever else Scsi comes up with to improve the Mobile Web site and its content.

For now, however, you may rest assured that there are no embedded scripts present on or associated with any pages within the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site, period.

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