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"What Does Scsi Do - exactly?" Page of Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc.'s Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Mobile Web Site

For your convenience, the major headings provided on this Mobile Web page are listed immediately below:

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"Problem Solvers" is perhaps the simplest Label for What Scsi Does Best

What is the problem that you are facing?

Most people seem comfortable when they are able to pin a descriptive label on things. So, for what Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. does best, use the phrase "problem solvers" as a good place to start with defining what Scsi can do for you.

What possible solutions have you come up with and are they proving inadequate?

Take this matter to the next level, and you will begin to appreciate the complexity underlying the seemingly simple statement: "People prefer problems they understand to solutions they don't."

How can this paradox be explained? Quite easily. When problems arise, most companies want to have solutions implemented, and they really don't want to go through the intensive process of climbing what is usually a steep learning curve to find out how to solve the stated problem. What the management and staff at most companies really do want is to first be apprised of a solution - a quickly discerned and implemented solution that solves the specific problem once and for all time, period.

Why should you turn to Sonoff Consulting Services,Inc. (Scsi) for professional assistance?

Finding a resource that has the experience, talent, skill sets, and ability to figure things out on behalf of its clients is the "real problem" that Scsi has been solving for clients for more than 20 years.

What is an example of a real-world solution that Scsi can readily demonstrate and that you can verify for yourself?

To give you one specific example is easy, namely: How has "Productivity Focus" led to the Scsi Productivity and Knowledge Transfer Mobile Web site achieving a World Class Level Mobile Web Site - the first and only one of its kind to date?

If you will just take some time to view Scsi's Productivity Focus diagram - shown below if graphics are enabled, you will quickly become able to relate concepts (listed inside closed boxes) to actual Mobile Web page implementations, explanations, and examples as to where Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. can provide you with workable, effective, and productive solutions to "problem solving dilemmas." - including discerning that they exist if you are currently not aware of their presence.

Scsi's Mobile Productivity Focus diagram

What is an example of "asking the right questions" to pin down what problems exist and how they should be addressed?

Learn and prove for yourself - both quickly and quantitatively using Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheet (STCEW) Tool - View a PDF file of the STCEW Tool document..

Available Formats for Scsi's STCEW Tool

For your convenience, make use of Scsi's Test Criteria Evaluation Worksheet (STCEW) Tool - provided as a one-page Adobe Acrobat (PDF), one-page Microsoft Word (DOC), or a two-page (TXT) file.

What to do with the STCEW Tool?

For example, if the one-pager PDF file is launched, you will immediately be presented with a straightforward checklist of ten specific things to look for - and grade for yourself - regarding any selected Mobile Web page on any Mobile Web site.

The checklisted items comprise Scsi's set of ten Mobile Web Best Practices that any World Class Level Mobile Web Site should strive to provide its visitors/customers/prospects/users. As a noteworthy benchmark for comparison purposes, all ten of Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practices are incorporated on every one of Scsi's P&KT Mobile Web site's pages - scoring 100 out of 100.

Unfortunately, nearly all of today's Mobile Web sites - even those that are supposedly well-designed and may have received Mobile Web site design awards - generally exhibit degree-of-conformance scores of 30 or less, including zero in many cases.

How to interpret the score(s) you determine for a Mobile Web site page

Scsi guarantees that your completing the Scsi STCEW Tool Mobile Web page evaluation exercise for even just one Mobile Web page on whatever Mobile Web site(s) you choose should prove to be an eye-opening experience. For once you measure and quantify the assessment, you will be enlightened as to the vast amount of "room for improvement" that exists.

Moreover, when and if you work through the STCEW Tools' ten Yes-or-No choice questions for any of the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site's pages, you will truly "see for yourself" that a degree of conformance score of 100 is the result you will obtain. Only then must you conclude and will begin to appreciate that a workable, effective, and productive solution is not only possible but has been clearly demonstrated to exist within the entire domain.

The obvious next question becomes, "Why don't other Mobile Web sites demonstrate at least a significant number of Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practices - given that Scsi's Mobile Web Best Practices are not only achievable, have been implemented, and can be easily demonstrated throughout the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site?" That is, of course, precisely what needs to be discussed further in the paragraphs that follow.

What is the root cause for such problems, anyway?

Scsi believes that this fact - poorly designed Mobile Web sites are the norm and not the exception - reflects the lack of focus or serious attention upon in-depth addressing of both Web usability and Web accessibility issues - matters that should be incorporated in as seamless a manner as possible - to benefit every Mobile Web site visitor.

Scsi's TOTAL ACCESS Mobile Web Design is a first-pass solution for Ubiquitous Web Access

Scsi's TOTAL ACCESS Mobile Web design and implementation aims toward achieving a first-pass solution for Ubiquitous Web Access. Scsi's P&KT Mobile Web site is clearly focused on serving as an exemplary working model that clearly and convincingly demonstrates what "The Ubiquitous Web Domain" describes as a goal to strive to reach.

What actions can you take to solve this and other problems you are facing?

Please read on for more specifics as to where Scsi can assist companies to achieve their goals and objectives through focusing on productivity - individually and collectively.

Mobile Web Site Assessments and Testing Services

Scsi's principal focus is to provide clients with productivity-driven Mobile Web page validation testing and Mobile Web site assessment services.

So, if Mobile Web site-related matters of Web accessibility and Web usability are exactly what you are looking for assistance with at this moment, that's great, because Scsi can certainly help you address these most important customer-centric issues.

These expert services are exemplified by Scsi's "Perfect 10" Mobile Web Site Standard and currently encompass three major areas:

Customer-centric Productivity

Company- and Corporate-centric Productivity and Knowledge Transfer

By counting on Scsi's expertise in these matters, productivity-driven companies will become better informed, trained, and remain focused on how to maximize their return on investment.

For example, by implementing Scsi's World Class Level Mobile Web Best Practices companies will increase the overall effectiveness of their corporate Mobile Web site designs. In short, companies must strive to find professional resources from which they can learn for themselves how to recognize, address, and thereby significantly reduce the pervasive issue of "silent losses."

Substantial lost revenues often result from dissatisfied prospective customers or returning customers who decide to give up on completing an order-entry process. This may be due to confusion, inability to find specific items or explanatory information, or whatever anywhere along the way. All of these matters reflect the Mobile Web site's lack of customer-centric values - something that patrons will always expect to be present, regardless of the medium of communication employed by any business.

Silent losses represent a major economic issue that Mobile Web site personnel or corporate management will never resolve without learning how to address its many-sided set of underlying root causes. And, that is precisely where Scsi can best serve its clients - by training company personnel to first learn how to "see the canvas before trying to paint the big picture" - as to what are the set of problems that are now understood by all parties as having to be addressed.

The importance of applying critical thinking to any problem - long before beginning any attempts toward becoming immersed in solutions-related details - cannot be overstated.

For only after a high-level view of a feasible solution becomes clearly established does it make sense to undertake creation of an overall plan for solving intricately complex problems. Moreover, participants will be empowered to proceed with their respective assignments with increased confidence when a unified focus on a common goal is in place.

Information Dissemination of Productivity-related Matters

Here is a listing of Scsi's Mobile WebKISS™ Guides that you can view and download at any time.

These are all examples of resources made available to anyone who visits the Scsi P&KT Mobile Web site.

What are some of Scsi's additional Areas of Expertise?

Since its incorporation in 1985, Sonoff Consulting Services, Inc. has provided its clients with numerous professional consulting services, a few of which are listed below:

Which of the following topics would you like to read about next?

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